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Chelsea Film Festival : Spotlight on Canadian Cinema

The 9th edition of the Chelsea Film Festival is showcasing 141 films from 21 countries, including Canada from Oct. 14 – 18.

You can buy Festival Passes and/or In-Person Tickets!

In-Person showings will occur from Oct. 14 – 17 at Regal Theatres.

Regal Theatres
14th St., 850 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

Source : @chelseafilm Twitter

The Consulate General of Canada in New York is supporting the Spotlight on Canadian Cinema Block. 6 films, including “Bone Cage” and “Pave the Road” will be featured virtually by Film Festival Plus.

Source : FilmFest Plus

Bone Cage
Directed by Taylor Olson

Bone Cage centers around Jamie who works a wood processer in Nova Scotia. After his shift, Jamie would walk through the destruction to rescue any injured animals he could find.

Source : FilmFest Plus

Pave The Road
Directed by Kelly Mason

Pave The Road is a documentary poetic memoir of Kelly Mason and her children’s compassionate separation from their father.

Source : FilmFest Plus

4 short films, ranging from documentaries to dramas, are also included within the Spotlight on Canada portion of the Chelsea Film Festival.

A Will To Change
Directed by Malcolm Wilkins

Champ 5
Directed by Paul Gatto, Kathleen Strouse, David Jester

Drowning Silence
Directed by Marcel Simoneau, Xavi Ocean

Wellness Inc.
Directed by Kylie Hitchcock


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